50 Days in Cuba!!

Revolutionary Square

Dustin was fortunate enough to have spent 50 days or 5-10 day cruises performing on the

Pearl Seas Cruises ship “The Pearl Mist” from January through April 2017 circling the island

of Cuba. With stops in Havana, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Bay of Pigs and Guantanamo Bay

the ship crew and passengers were able to experience the culture of this communist 3rd world country

which up to now has been very hard for Americans to do. The island is fascinating with a feel of going

back in time to a 1950’s America where things moved so much slower and people lived much simpler.

With the amazing Spanish architecture, the wonderful people and the fascinating history, this island will

now rise to the top of many American’s bucket list. A must stop for sure. You can reserve your ticket on future

Pearl Seas Cuban Voyages and request Stevie & Dusty to perform on your cruise at http://PearlSeasCruises.com